About Us

Helping Businesses Grow With Pace and Purpose

Who we are

NuGrowth Solutions is a team of innovative, seasoned business development professionals passionately committed to helping grow your business with pace and purpose through outsourced marketing and sales services.

Our cohesive leadership team has worked together for over 20 years in various enterprises, from startups to public companies, bringing you our extensive experience and expertise in developing sales teams and implementing systems devoted to revenue acquisition, market intelligence and brand awareness.

What we do

When you hire NuGrowth Solutions, you receive a fully operational branch sales and marketing office.

We leverage your company DNA, product expertise and industry insight and take it from there, developing an executable sales plan. As an outsourced sales services provider, we do the hiring, we do the training, we invest in the state-of-the-art technology and framework for success. We become accountable for new client sales. You reap the rewards.

Acting as an extension of your company, we provide exceptional sales professionals utilizing compelling push/pull marketing strategies necessary to consistently identify, attract and acquire new business for your organization.

How we do it

We create a culture of success from the top down. We hire with confidence, expect results and make sure that expectations are clearly communicated. We recruit top performers, employ realistic and measurable performance standards and maintain consistent two-way feedback. We provide ongoing training, not only on product/company knowledge, sales strategies, relationship-building and the systems required for CRM, but on helping each team member understand more about themselves, their strengths and their weaknesses. In short, we foster an environment where “we” is more important than “me” and a spirit of continuous learning and growth take place.

Our track record speaks for itself

“Professional selling is both an art and science. NuGrowth has found the right balance in driving outbound prospect development that creates a professional and positive image for our company.”     —EVP, a global design and program management provider to multi-unit retailers

Corporate Headquarters

4181 Arlingate Plaza
Columbus, OH 43228
(p) 800.966.3051
(f) 614.388.5811

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