Alex Deak, COO

Alex Deak, COO 

Alex Deak, COO NuGrowth SolutionsAlex Deak is COO of NuGrowth Partners and NuGrowth Solutions, as well as President and CEO of Strategic Insurance Software, LLC. His leadership roles have included sales, large account management, new business development, product management, ISO 9000 quality management, professional services, client services and information technology.

As a NuGrowth Partner, Alex has served as COO for Neulogic, a leading provider of outsourced web and e-marketing solutions for non-profit organizations; CTO of ECNext (now Manta), an Internet search and e-commerce services company serving business information publishers; and COO at Rivet Digital an emerging company in the electronic in-store merchandising industry. Additional executive responsibilities include Professional Services at Aelita Software, where he established and grew a profitable services organization, and Vice President and CIO of Metatec International, where he was a member of Metatec’s Executive Operations Team.

Alex also currently serves on the Board of Trustees of GroundWork group Columbus, the local Columbus affiliate of a national non-profit organization that provides information management, education, and technology solutions to non-profits across the United States.

Alex’s leadership roles in technology-oriented software and services businesses have earned him recognition from a variety of sources over his 25-year career, including a PCWeek cover article recognizing him as one of the “New Breed” of innovative, creative CIOs.


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