Paul Fuller, EVP Product Marketing & Client Services

Paul Fuller, EVP Product Marketing & Client Services

Paul Fuller serves as vice president of client solutions for NuGrowth Solutions and is responsible for bringing high quality results to NuGrowth Solutions clients. His focus is on developing and running scalable sales organizations that increase our clients’ presence in market and revenue. He runs the Sales Execution Practice area, as well as Client Solutions – ensuring that all NGS client activities are coordinated and successful.

Paul recently served as director of sales operations and regional sales at Endforce, a security software firm serving the enterprise network admission control (NAC) marketplace. At Endforce, Paul implemented and managed sales systems, training, and sales processes for a national, branch sales organization. He was also responsible for sales messaging creation, providing all day-to-day sales tools, and executing on sales/marketing campaigns to increase visibility and market presence. Paul’s efforts helped the company increase pipeline by over 120% annually, and effectively position the company for acquisition (by Sophos) in 2007. Prior to his sales operations leadership role, Paul was a top-performing account executive for the company, responsible for inside sales and market development.

Prior to ENDFORCE, Paul served as an account manager for Aelita Software (acquired by Quest Software), where he consistently surpassed all performance benchmarks as a sales professional.

Fuller earned his M.A. in Communication from the University of Arizona, where he was a Fellowship scholar and served as an instructor in business and political communication practice and theory.

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