Outsourced Marketing to Turn Lists Into Leads

A measurable sales lead generation campaign includes the evaluation and continual refinement that is so hard to consistently execute internally, but is built into the dedicated cadence of everything we do at NuGrowth Digital.

List Management

We start with an initial list of names, then use the intelligence gleaned from our mailings to segment and integrate those names into an overall territory management plan that is executed in concert with the sales team.  For maximum effectiveness and credibility, the list not static, but is constantly changing to reflect updated market intelligence.


While we log the results of each outbound effort and promptly forward all leads to the reps, the intrinsic value of reporting lies in the information we obtain and track over time. It gives us insight into the target audience and provides actionable data that can be segmented and rolled into a CRM system for effective lead nurturing and follow up.


In the spirit of continuous improvement and commitment to excellence, we view each and every piece of mail we send as an opportunity to learn, grow and improve upon the results of the previous campaign.  We evaluate the success of each campaign and make continual ongoing refinements to ensure optimal long-term results.

Partner with NuGrowth Digital and get inbound sales leads, campaign visibility and market intelligence with none of the responsibilities of hiring and managing an internal team. Contact us. We’ll show you how we can help.

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