Sales Overview

Outsourced Sales: Low Risk, High Rewards

When you engage NuGrowth Solutions as your outsourced sales partner, you gain the strategic advantage that comes from leveraging the collective expertise and proven systems of a seasoned team of sales professionals with none of the risks associated with starting at ground zero.

NuGrowth Solutions provides a total company commitment that includes unparalleled Sales Leadership, dedicated Inside Sales Representatives and proven Territory Management Systems.

Sales Leadership

With extensive experience in hiring, developing sales teams and implementing systems devoted to revenue acquisition, market intelligence and brand awareness, the NuGrowth leadership team brings you Fortune 500 sales management expertise and systems at a price you can afford.

Dedicated Account Representatives

Working in concert with our lead generation marketing team and supported by solid market research and sales strategy, NuGrowth inside sales executives are brand stewards working to develop relationships one call at a time, building your pipeline and driving sales from contact to closure.

Territory Management Expertise

Instead of just sending our reps loose on a specific geographic or vertical market with a list of prospects and a high five, we put together a wide scale territory plan – a combination of strategy, management and execution that enhances productivity, improves sales coverage and streamlines selling procedures.

If you are interested in leveraging our outsourced sales team to generate sales leads and increase
B2B sales revenue for your business, please contact us. We’ll show you how we can help.

Corporate Headquarters

4181 Arlingate Plaza
Columbus, OH 43228
(p) 800.966.3051
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