Inside Sales

Outsourced Sales: Pipeline Development From Contact Through Closure

Acting as an extension of your company, we provide exceptional sales professionals and utilize compelling push/pull marketing tactics to consistently identify, attract and acquire new business for your organization.

Dedicated Account Representatives

Each NuGrowth client benefits from a dedicated Inside Sales Executive or team of Inside Sale Executives totally dedicated to new client acquisition on their behalf.  In addition to executing a strategic and very focused outbound sales effort, these dedicated representatives work in concert with the sales manager and account manager on evolving strategy to continuously penetrate the market.

An Extension of Your Team

Whether you are looking for contact through closure sales or more of a business development role where we team with your enterprise reps, find opportunities and get them in front of well qualified prospects, NuGrowth representatives become a seamlessly integrated part of your team.  In fact, our clients often refer to us as a branch office.

A Spirit of Continual Improvement

No matter how well things are working, we operate under the mantra that they could always be better. We make a practice of consistently logging all key account and prospect data, tracking and measuring results, recognizing patterns and acting on what we’ve learned.

If you are interested in leveraging NuGrowth’s outsourced sales team to drive new business acquisition and increase B2B sales revenue for your business, please contact us. We’ll show you how we can help.

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