Outsourced Sales: Leveraging Sales Management Expertise

Spearheaded by a like-minded leadership team that has worked together for over 20 years, NuGrowth makes available the same sales services, systems, principles and programs we’ve used in developing successful start ups, implementing dramatic turnarounds and running successful publicly traded companies.

An Involved Leadership Team

At NuGrowth Solutions our leadership team is actively involved with the management of each account, setting expectations, ensuring the right systems are in place and holding team members accountable for adhering to them.

A Culture of Success

We create a culture of success from the top down, hire with confidence, expect results and make sure that expectations are clearly communicated. We recruit top performers, employ realistic and measurable performance standards and maintain consistent two-way feedback.

A Winning Formula

Engaged leadership, structured meetings, extensive training, formalized reporting and comprehensive territory management plans = speed to market.

If you are interested in leveraging our experienced leadership team and dedicated sales resources to increase B2B sales revenue for your business, please contact us. We’ll show you how we can help.

Corporate Headquarters

4181 Arlingate Plaza
Columbus, OH 43228
(p) 800.966.3051
(f) 614.388.5811

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